Is Your Home or Business Running as Efficiently as Possible?

Is Your Home or Business Running as Efficiently as Possible?

Set up electrical upgrade services in Northbrook, IL

Whether you're running a business or managing your home, you want your electrical systems to run as efficiently as possible. Spotty electrical systems can be a major headache, and inefficient systems can cost you money. That's why A-Phase Electric provides electrical upgrade services for residential, commercial and industrial clients in the Northbrook, IL area.

Our expert technicians can tune-up your electrical system, repair your electrical panel or add new circuits. Call us today at 708-215-2772 to set up the electrical upgrade services you need.

3 giveaways that you need electrical panel upgrades

A-Phase Electric will help you determine whether or not you need an electrical panel upgrade. In the meantime, watch out for these signs that you need to upgrade your electrical system.

1. Your breaker trips often, especially when you plug in particular appliances.
2. You live in an older home or work in an older building that still has a fuse box rather than a circuit breaker.
3. You've noticed strange hissing sounds coming from the breaker box, smelled burning or found melted wires.

If you suspect you need electrical panel upgrade services, don't hesitate to set up a service visit with A-Phase Electric in Northbrook, IL right now.